Revamp Your Room With This Simple And Elegant Wall Panelling That Is Easy To Install.

A Single Pack Comprises Of-

1 X (2420mm X 36mm X 30mm) Length Of Large (top) Beading

4 X (2420mm X 80mm X 18mm) Lengths Of Board Panelling

4 X (2420mm X 28mm X 30mm) Lengths Of (inside) Beading


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At BPM SUPPLIES we wanted to develop a wall paneling that was affordable, stylish, and simple to install.  Our result is the Edwardian wall paneling.  BPM SUPPLIES Edwardian paneling uses less materials than traditional paneling.  Other styles of panels use large boards to create the effect in the middle, but uses long boards to outline a shape in the middle.  This makes Edwardian paneling easier on your pocket and the environment.  On top of this, Edwardian paneling is easier to install and complements your doors and architrave perfectly.

The paneling itself comes as a set with board paneling, inside beading, and top beading.  Each piece fits together with the other making a tidy job of the installation.  What’s left is for you to get your measurements and cut the boards.

Part of paneling is the creative freedom one gets.  It’s entirely up to you whether you panel the entire wall or only a fraction of it.  Start by determining the height you want your panels to reach.  Next, measure the length of each wall you want to panel.  Multiply each length by your chosen height and add them together to get the square footage.  When getting your paneling, it is recommended that you order around 10% additional paneling to account for miscuts and waste.

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